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Article: How to dry brush your body for silky soft skin!

How to dry brush your body for silky soft skin!

How to dry brush your body for silky soft skin!

Each season has a different set of skin challenges. One thing I have been asked about a lot recently is how to treat dry skin on the body, so I wanted to share my favorite body-care ritual to relax and combat dry skin with you! 

One really great way to treat this common problem and maintain silky soft skin during the dry weather months is to do a weekly "dry brushing ritual". Not only does dry brushing get rid of dry skin but it is also wonderful for improving circulation in the body and stimulating the lymphatic system, which in turns helps eliminate toxic waste build-up and stagnation in the body. If you work in-front of a computer all day, this will wake up your body in a good way!


What you will need: A boar brush with a short or long handle.


The best time to do a dry brush is before you step into the shower or bath. The two most important things to remember is: 

  1. Start on the left side of the body.
  2. Always brush towards the heart. 

Start with the bottom of your left foot and brush from toe to heel. The brushing action will stimulate the reflexology points that are at the bottom of your feet and that correspond to the meridians in your body. Move up your calf and thigh; all the way up your leg and hips, doing long brushing strokes towards to the heart. Do both front and back of leg. When the leg and hips are done, move on to your left palm, again stimulating the reflexology points in the hand. Move up the arm making sure to include your arm pit where there are many lymph nodes. Brush gently in circular motion around your breast and then downwards on your chest to the heart. When you are done with your left side, you will do the exact same thing on your right. Then repeat the whole thing 2 more times so that you have done it in total 3 times.This should take you about 5-10 minutes. 

When you are done with your dry brushing ritual you can finish with a nice hot shower or bath and you will notice amazing new skin when you dry up. For an extra treat, massage your body with your favorite scented body oil. Focus on massaging the muscles and allow the aromatic plant oils to penetrate the skin and do their job to relax your body and calm your mind.

I highly recommend incorporating this beautiful self-care ritual once a week or when you have time. It's a lovely way to slow down, reset your mood and care for your body. I learned how to do dry brushing as a teen-ager growing up in Denmark from my mom who had the most silky soft skin ever!

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