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“I have sensitive skin so I’m very careful about what products I’m putting on my face, I started using the Hydrate Facial Oil (recommended for normal to dry skin) over 2 years ago, and it has become a staple of my facial skin care regimen. I noticed a difference in my skin immediately. The formula absorbs quickly in the skin giving my face instant nourishment. It brightens my complexion, and hydrates my skin with just a few drops. The natural ingredients restore the moisture in my face without making it look shiny or greasy. The scent is so calming, and isn’t overpowering. I just love smelling the aroma when I apply the oil before bedtime, and then waking up to an incredible glow on my face!” - Meghan Potter, San Francisco, CA 
Software Sales

“Since I historically have had combination skin with oily zones, I was initially concerned that adding more “oil” would make it worse. I have been very surprised that I hardly notice oily zones anymore at all and its almost like it resolved my oily zones completely. I use the Rejuvenate Facial Oil daily after each face wash and really can’t live without it. It seems to normalize my skin and when I don’t have it, my skin just doesn’t feel right. I literally have to have a bottle everywhere I am just in case I need it. I’m so addicted that I seriously consider it healthy skin crack (in a good way:)! I don’t feel like this about any other beauty product I have.” - Nadya R, San Francisco, CA, OD Consultant/Psychologist

“I’ve been going to Gunilla for around 3 years now and I have to say, she is a little Danish blessing sent from heaven. The “treat” to myself every month is getting the signature facial from Gunilla. But I’ve realized it’s not just another spa procedure. It’s necessary maintenance for bettering my skin from not only the present harsh realities of sun/daily wear, but to the future reality of aging and the necessity to better my skin’s condition. In particular, her facial oils add a level of moisturizing and conditioning without the harshness of certain mass produced, harsh oils and lotions. The condition of my skin now after the use of Gunilla’s oils has really enhanced my complexion and rejuvenated some problem areas on my face.” - Elizabeth Micsky, Novato, CA

“After being a client of yours’ for 6 years, my skin has NEVER looked so fabulous. Your products make my skin look dewey, youthful, and full of life. I do think that the high quality, organic ingredients in ISA ALEX Skincare products truly comes through in how that transforms the skin.” - Linda M. Dorrel, CA San Francisco, Healthcare Software Sales

 “Gunilla’s facial oils are a vital part of my daily beauty routine. I’m very particular about what I put on my skin. After all, skin is the body’s biggest organ, and I want to make sure the products I use are pure and chemical-free. Gunilla’s products are naturally sourced worldwide and feel amazing on my skin. They also smell amazing, which is key!” - Lissa Cowan, Montreal, Canada, Small Business Owner

“I’ve been trusting my skin care to Gunilla for nine years, after years of experience with different aestheticians. Unlike the majority of people in this field, Gunilla sees an individual’s skin not as a problem to attack, but as a system which can be harmonized with the right touch, gentle products, and most of all, with genuine care. As a result, my skin has healed considerably in terms of appearance and volatility, and I have grown into someone who no longer feels defined by my skin, but integrated with it. Gunilla is extremely knowledgeable and intuitive, and she is also a wonderful person. If, like me, skin is a health care issue for you, you would choose wisely to call Gunilla.” - Lisa M., Berkeley, CA, writer/teacher

“I have been a client of Gunilla’s for the past 15 plus years. At the age of 65 my skin is “flawless” because it simply looks and feels healthy. I started going to her because I had very dry and unhealthy looking skin. She brought my skin back to life again with regular facials that consisted of microdermabrasion and ultra sound treatments. In addition, I abide by her guidance of maintaining a daily skin care ritual on the home front. I am a real fan of the 302 range and her own ISA ALEX skincare products that she uses and sells. More than anything, She has also taught me to understand my skin. I have on many occasions, used my discretion to stray from my routine and switch course to a process that fits my immediate need. For example, after a sixteen hour flight, I would use the rosewater mist as a toner and immerse the face with the hydrating facial oil and nothing else. This restoration process has not failed yet! When I have been extremely stressed, I would switched to applying just the rose water and the Soothe oil. While I would love to just keep Gunilla to myself, I would not hesitate to refer her to friends and family who can benefit from her very sincere, knowledgeable and skillful treatments.” - Heidi T., San Francisco, CA, real state