Our Story

Gunilla Eisenberg grew up in Denmark, in a family of fair-skinned freckled sensitive skin people prone to inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. After beginning her career as an esthetician almost 20 years ago, she began experimenting  with plant oils and botanical essences to not only soothe irritation but to rebalance the skin to a normal state. 

Seeking all-natural, non-toxic products to keep her skin healthy and luminous, she developed her own natural products and incorporated organic essential oils into her facial treatments. Gunilla has tested and fine-tuned her exclusive botanical formulas to treat and soothe her clients’ varied skin types and conditions.

The ISA ALEX line of skin balancing facial oils and body oils is Gunilla’s own handcrafted, luxurious line of all-natural products and provides a healthy, additive-free alternative to commercial skincare creams. 

Gunilla Eisenberg's boutique San Francisco spa, ISA ALEX, originally Gunilla Skin Butik, has long drawn devoted clients, and Gunilla has earned numerous awards for her effective, customized facials from regional and national publications, including San Francisco and Allure. Since 2012, Gunilla has sold her luxurious, clinically formulated oils to clients seeking to incorporate her transformative formulas into their daily skincare ritual.

ISA ALEX derives its name from her two children, Isabeau Elisabeth & Joaquin Alexander -- two of Gunilla’s biggest inspirations.

Her holistic approach is also affected by the wonder and fantasy of her childhood hero, a sprite-like freckled girl named Pippi Longstocking who gleamed with delight at the endless possibilities of life. Like Pippi, ISA ALEX represents a free spirit, positivity, curiosity, recognizing the true inner beauty in everyone. Gunilla's favorite Pippi quote is: "Don't ever let them get you down. Be cheeky and wild and wonderful."

This idea of “unified beauty” spoke to the Danish-born Scandinavian who lived in exotic locales like Nigeria and Spain before setting up shop in San Francisco. This cosmopolitan energy is captured in every bottle – holistic skincare utilizing premier elements that commit to being opulent but accessible.