Covid_19 has changed everything for me. In one way it has thrown me into some kind of temporary paralysis on the other hand it has ignited my imagination and my worldview. I've come to realize just how powerful our minds and our mindsets are! It's all we have control over as we are in this lock-down full of uncertainty.

Is quarantine life making me feel anxious, scared, angry, and sad? Yes, 100% but it's also making me feel hopeful, adventurous and open. I have a newfound hope for our earth, Mother Nature and for humanity, and that's the feeling that I'm choosing to hold on to!

As I’m coincidently also in the process of rebranding my business during this surreal time, I've drawn inspiration from my favorite childhood character – Pipi Longstocking. Maybe you know her? If you grew up in Scandinavia she most certainly would have informed your childhood. You either hated her or loved her or you either identified with her or you were a little scared of her. I loved her. I identified with Pipi. Her adventurous spirit, her standing up for the weaker kids, challenging authority and challenging convention – after all her father was the captain of a pirate ship! Mostly I loved that she loved herself with all of her imperfections. Her enthusiasm for life was infectious! It helped me push boundaries and to believe in myself. My favorite Pipi quote is: “I haven’t tried that before so I’m probably really good at it.”

Gunilla Bio:
Gunilla Eisenberg grew up in Denmark, in a family of fair-skinned freckled sensitive skin people prone to inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. After beginning her career as an esthetician, she began experimenting  with plant oils and botanical essences to not only soothe irritation but to rebalance the skin to a normal state. 

Seeking all-natural, non-toxic products to keep her skin healthy and luminous, she developed her own natural products and incorporated organic essential oils into facial treatments. Gunilla has tested and fine-tuned her exclusive botanical formulas to treat and soothe her clients’ varied skin types and conditions.

The ISA ALEX line of balancing facial oils is Gunilla’s own handcrafted, luxurious line of all-natural products and provides a healthy, additive-free alternative to commercial skincare creams. 

ISA ALEX Skin Butik 

Gunilla Eisenberg's boutique San Francisco spa, ISA ALEX, formerly Gunilla Skin Butik, has long drawn devoted clients, and Gunilla has earned numerous awards for her effective, customized facials from regional and national publications, including San Francisco and Allure. Since 2012, Gunilla has sold her luxurious, clinically formulated oils to clients seeking to incorporate her transformative formulas into their daily skincare ritual.





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