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The Danish secret to skin confidence

Guided by the Scandinavian belief that beauty stems from within, we’re on a mission to transform your skin confidence. 

With 100% pure botanical oil blends, we embrace a less-is-more approach to reveal your most radiant self. 


Our Story

Created for you in my treatment room

For the past two decades, I’ve been fortunate to work skin-close with individuals like you, addressing all kinds of skin concerns. Whether you’re seeking to restore your skin’s vibrancy, or you’re battling acne, emotional well-being and confidence are deeply intertwined with your skin’s health. 

Embracing skin's uniqueness is at the core of my facial treatments, which incorporate custom oil blends tailored to your needs. The alchemy of aromatherapy, pure oils, and my proprietary stress-relieving facial massage can transform not only your skin but also your self-confidence.

Inspired by my client’s desire to continue their treatment at home, I refined my skin-specific formulas considering both skin and wellness needs. What started with a small collection of pure skin oils has grown into a curated range of skincare to treat the most common concerns I see as an esthetician—always inspired by you.

Gunilla E



The ISA ALEX Skin Philosophy


Your Hygge Skincare Ritual

Bringing the Danish concept of hygge to skincare, we invite you to step away from the rush of life and be present with yourself. 

Through aromatherapy, skincare and self-massage, you can create a hygge moment where you choose yourself, even if just for 5 minutes a day.


Hygge Skincare Ritual



Apply a couple of drops of your ISA ALEX oil to your hands and take a deep inhale.

Take in the aromatherapy blend in your oil and hold it. 






Massage your face using your ISA ALEX oil. 


Take your time and enjoy the moment. 


Allow your intention to guide you and pay attention to the areas that need you the most.



Find your ISA ALEX Oil



Meet the Founder

Gunilla Eisenberg 

Skin Alchemist, Award Winning Esthetician, and Founder of ISA ALEX

Growing up in Denmark shaped Gunilla’s view of skin, beauty and aging. She believes that the goal shouldn’t be to fix or stop the aging process, but to take an extra moment to care for your skin and evoke the highest version of yourself. This philosophy carries over to her transformative skin services, hand-crafted products, and skin coaching programs. 

In 2005, soon after opening her establishment, Skin Butik in San Francisco, Gunilla gathered a loyal following of women seeking her holistic approach, unique use of oils, and expertise. The buzz spread catching Allure Magazine’s attention, which featured her revolutionary “Better than Botox” facial and named her “Best Facialist in San Francisco,” further expanding her fanbase to celebrities. 

Gunilla emerged as a trailblazer, especially with her use of oils on the skin, which at the time was uncommon. After a decade of working with her clients, Gunilla has expanded the benefits you could get through a one-on-one treatment with her, to a universal experience through ISA ALEX  (formerly Gunilla Skin Alchemy) and skin courses. 

“Plant oils are mysterious and sensual to me. I first learned about them as a teenager growing up in Southern Spain. The essences of jasmine and sweet almond oil were exotic and mesmerizing to me. 

I began to learn more about the healing aspects of aromatic oils and so my deep passion of plant alchemy was born.”
~ Gunilla


The story behind the name

The name "IsaAlex" is born from Gunilla's profound love for her two children, Isabeau and Joaquin Alexander, who serve as her greatest inspirations and the heart and soul of ISA ALEX. Throughout her journey of motherhood, Gunilla crafted a range of products, including our pregnancy oil, nourishing baby oil, and teenage skincare line, all inspired by the joys and challenges she encountered in raising her own kids. 



To delve deeper into our Founder, Gunilla's inspiring journey, read: The Story behind ISA ALEX  

"Having cut her teeth at her eponymous Cow Hollow salon, ISA ALEX Skin Butik, S.F.’s skin whisperer launched a moisturizing product line made from rich oils found in Morocco and Southern Spain. The result: a line of lovely almond and Argan oil-based products that heal with a hint of exotic.

Dabble in the line’s Rosewater Mist and Hydrate Face Oil, a moisturizing facial oil that replenishes and restores parched skin while preserving its youthful bounce back and brightens lingering dark spots."

- DC Magazine


Better Than Botox

Feeling overwhelmed by endless skincare options? Say goodbye to confusion and hello to lasting skin confidence, the Scandinavian Way. Discover a simplified and holistic approach to skincare that goes beyond Botox, tailored specifically for women over 30 that are looking to reverse the aging process and prevent pre-mature aging of the skin.

Renowned esthetician Gunilla Eisenberg will teach you her method to longterm sustainable healthy skin from the inside out.

Does this sound like you?

→ You're fed up with being bombarded with anti-aging marketing messages.

→ Tired of wasting money on skincare products that don't work?

→ Not sure who you can trust?

→ The sheer number of skincare products and treatments available overwhelms you.

→ You seek a more authentic and effective approach to reverse skin aging.

→ You avoid showing your skin in photos or videos because you're self-conscious about signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, or age spots.

Despite your efforts you feel like there's no solution for your skin?

I understand. Our skin affects our confidence and how we show up in the world.

But what if I told you there's a better way?

Introducing Gunilla Eisenberg's Better Than Botox Pro-Aging Skincare Course—where we embrace the beauty of aging and empower you to care for your skin in a way that's effective, enjoyable, and sustainable. Say hello to empowerment and authenticity.


Here's the rundown:

Learn Gunilla’s proven Skin Lab System

20+ years of skincare experience poured into one tried-and-true system

Here's the rundown:

The face massage technique that you won't want to miss

Weekly online live FAQ with Gunilla

Here's the rundown:

Tactical skincare tips from an expert esthetician→

What home care tools that really work for your skin?


There are 3 different packages you can choose from. See below


Hi, I’m Gunilla — expert esthetician, founder of ISA ALEX SKINCARE

I believe that skincare goes beyond the products you use. Skin reflects your internal wellness, so integrating a whole mind body approach is essential to reverse skin aging and reveal a healthy glow.

Over the past 20 years as an esthetician, I’ve…

  • Gained a cult-like following for my facials considered to be “Better than Botox”
  • Got voted “Number One Facialist in San Francisco” by Allure Magazine
  • Developed my Scandinavian-inspired minimalist skincare line ISA ALEX offering pure skin balancing oils for every skin type

All while helping my clients…

  • Gain confidence in their skin
  • Reverse aging of the skin. Calm skin inflammation
  • Improve skin elasticity and skin radiance
  • Balance hormonal break-outs
  • Boost collagen production reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Clear up their acne without antibiotics or Accutane (and under 8 months). Improve acne scarring

You asked and I listened

After much demand, I've created a self-led course sharing my 20 years of expertise gained from working on thousands of faces. This step-by-step roadmap is rooted in my tried and true Better Than Botox Method, and will help guide you to reveal your best skin at any age.

Gone are the days of 'quick fixes' or 'hacks' – together, we're striving for lasting skin confidence!

Ready to embrace the beauty of aging?

Join the Better Than Botox Skincare Movement and unlock your skin's full potential.



"Thank you for the excellent facial oil massage demonstration. In just six days of doing it nightly, my skin is doing much better! Not as flaky and the tone has improved!"

- Kit M. (Petaluma, CA)

"Aside from being a wonderful person, Gunilla is the best esthetician I have ever been to. She uses natural products and tailors her facials to each person's needs and concerns. She makes her own products in small batches with natural and clean ingredients, I love using her oils and face cleanser at home! I have been seeing her for 2 years and my skin feels more plump, hydrated and bright, she's smoothed my fin lines and even my melasma and dark spots have faded. People often compliment my skin and it is all thanks to Gunilla's magic!"

- Marie V., (New York, NY)

Marie V

"Gunilla's products are truly one of a kind. Living in high altitude and working with animals, I need something that properly hydrates my skin without making me look greasy. Gunilla has put together the perfect skin care line. I am extremely picky when it comes to clean ingredients and how they feel on my skin. She has put together the perfect oil. It absorbs wonderfully into my skin, I feel hydrated all day AND you can tell she only uses the best ingredients with the perfectly balanced smell. Thank you for keeping me looking youthful."

- Petra S. (Mancos, CO)

"Gunilla has helped me create a simple skincare ritual using her oils, which I call liquid gold. People often compliment my skin. I highly recommend her services and products especially if you are looking for a more natural/ holistic approach."

- Landra E. (Athens, Greece)

"Where do I begin... First off, Gunilla is the best esthetician in the Bay Area. She gets to know your skin so you get the results you want! Secondly...she creates her own facial and body oils that deliver amazing results - even if you can't see her for facials. I have known Gunilla for 13 years, and her facials and oils are the BEST. The Hydrate oil gets my skin glowing again. The Soothe oil eliminates any redness and irritation. The Rejuvenate oil is my anti-aging friend. AND, the Calm body oil does just that...calms your skin for a peaceful nights sleep!"

- Linda D. (San Francisco, CA)

We are here to help!

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