Meet Gunilla

Our Founder, Gunilla Eisenberg: Expert Esthetician & Product Creator.

Born in Denmark, Gunilla Eisenberg has harnessed the essence of her Scandinavian heritage to pioneer a natural and sustainable approach to beauty and aging. Through her exquisite skincare services, meticulously crafted organic products, and online skin coaching program, Gunilla offers a transformative experience rooted in the wisdom of nature.

Renowned for her groundbreaking "Better than Botox" facial, featured in Allure Magazine, Gunilla has garnered a devoted following of celebrities, San Francisco luminaries, and loyal clients who seek her out for her holistic philosophy, undivided attention, and up-to-date expertise. To experience the transformative power of Gunilla's skincare treatments, click here  

During her childhood, Gunilla's experiences in Africa and Spain left an indelible mark on her perspective, which she carried with her before settling in San Francisco. In 2005, she opened her flagship establishment, "Skin Butik," where her luxurious and effective facials quickly became a sought-after indulgence for women in the Bay Area. Gunilla's dedication and skill earned her recognition as the best facialist in San Francisco by Allure and San Francisco magazines. Constantly seeking to enhance her offerings, Gunilla identified a crucial element missing from her repertoire: a carefully curated line of therapeutic skincare products. To delve deeper into her inspiring journey, read the recent article: The Story Behind ISA ALEX

ISA ALEX skin oils harness the power of nature's finest ingredients to revitalize and harmonize the complexion. Embracing the Scandinavian belief that beauty stems from within and is accentuated by simple, all-natural skincare, our oils work harmoniously to heal the skin from the inside out.



“Plant oils are mysterious and sensual to me. I first learned about them as a teenager growing up in Southern Spain. The essences of jasmine and sweet almond oil were exotic and mesmerizing to me. 

I began to learn more about the healing aspects of aromatic oils and so my deep passion of plant alchemy was born.”
~ Gunilla

The Story Behind IsaAlex

The name "IsaAlex" is born from Gunilla's profound love for her two children, Isabeau and Joaquin Alexander, who serve as her greatest inspirations and the heart and soul of ISA ALEX. Throughout her journey of motherhood, Gunilla crafted a range of products, including our pregnancy oil, nourishing baby oil, and teenage skincare line, all inspired by the joys and challenges she encountered in raising her own kids.






"Having cut her teeth at her eponymous Cow Hollow salon, ISA ALEX Skin Butik, S.F.’s skin whisperer launched a moisturizing product line made from rich oils found in Morocco and Southern Spain. The result: a line of lovely almond and Argan oil-based products that heal with a hint of exotic.

Dabble in the line’s Rosewater Mist and Hydrate Face Oil, a moisturizing facial oil that replenishes and restores parched skin while preserving its youthful bounce back and brightens lingering dark spots."

- DC Magazine