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Article: Scandinavian Inspired Skincare

Scandinavian Inspired Skincare
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Scandinavian Inspired Skincare

When I started creating my own line of pure handcrafted skincare products, I found inspiration in the way I was brought up. The idea that everything we use in life has meaning and should be made to last is a Scandinavian concept that has translated into design, the environment, the way we live, and how we age. Now more presently than ever we are looking for ways to enhance our life and our beauty in a way that does not cause damage to our health.

This is really the idea of living in harmony with nature and thinking long-term sustainability both when it comes to the way we live and the way we look. Sustainable beauty, a concept that I very much grew up with in Denmark is a way to find beauty and acceptance with yourself and making the best of it. 

That is how I approached the concept of my products.
1. Use ingredients that were organic and wild-crafted.
2. Minimal ingredients, each of which must have a specific purpose to enhance the skin. No fillers.
3. Beautiful design/formula = love.*

*Meaning that if the product is designed well or in my case formulated in a beautiful aromatic and useful way for your skin, it will be a stable in your daily skincare regimen.

I hope you will want to try my products and that you will enjoy them as part of your daily skincare routine in the same way that I cherish making them for you! 

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