May 10, 2016

Weather changes always affect the skin; therefore it is helpful to modify your regular home care routine now that summer is here. 

Since the weather is getting warmer and more humid, substituting your nighttime moisturizer for a lighter one or even a facial oil or serum is a good idea during the summer months. 

During the day, use a light emulsion or light gel followed by a sun block in order to protect the skin against UV damage and pigmentation. Look for a sun block that contains zinc oxide, as that will reflect the rays away from the skin versus a sunscreen; which can cause chemical burn or skin irritation.

Keeping a hydrating mist on hand is also useful in order to retain moisture in the skin and prevent dehydration from the sun, apply after cleansing and prior to your moisturizer. 

Finally switching your cleanser from a creamy one to a light foaming cleanser will help to clarify the skin and prevent clogging of the pores from the humid summer sun.

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