January 15, 2019

I hope you’ve had an enjoyable transition into 2019!


When the year changes we often want to start something new or commit to something we’ve been thinking about for a while. This January you may be reflecting on how you want to feel in your skin and how you want to feel about yourself going forward.


Over the holidays I got a lovely email from a new customer Lisa who had bought my Hydrate Face Oil at one of my holiday pop-ups. After one week of using it, she wrote to tell me that using the oil had been “literally life-changing” for her. It made her excited to take care of herself. She said that using something “so pure” on her skin made her want to eat better, make better choices and it inspired her to start exercising again. This love note of course made me very excited and happy for her but it also got me thinking about how what may seem like a minor change or commitment can have a big positive impact in our lives.


Maybe you’re not loving what you see when you look in the mirror. Perhaps your skin feels blah, appears dull and lackluster or maybe you’re not seeing that radiant glow that you know could be there.


Instead of focusing on your imperfections and feeling down about yourself and your skin, you can start a fresh and commit to a new and improved skincare routine. Even if you commit to using a washcloth to remove your cleanser every night it will make a noticeable difference.


By putting a little attention on your skin every day you start feeling better about yourself and this changes everything. It motivates you to eat healthier, to start exercising, to practice more self care and self love. The beauty that you already know is inside of you will radiate out through your pores and you will no longer need to cake on tons of make up or concealer to cover up any imperfections that you’re seeing in your skin.


It may sound silly but remember that our body including our skin is our temple. When we lovingly care for it, we are sending a message to the universe that we love ourselves and we will attract more love, beauty and positivity into our lives.

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