June 27, 2019


The two most important components to obtaining a healthy, glowing complexion is daily cleansing of your skin followed by hydration. As we age dehydration of the skin is what causes lines and wrinkles to form. In order for your moisturizer or face oil to do its work, you need to be sure to cleanse your skin correctly first.


Depending on your skin type, there are many kinds of cleansers to choose from; oil-based cleansers, gel cleansers, cream cleansers, or face soaps. Regardless of what kind of cleanser you use, it’s important to massage the cleanser into your skin for up to 60 seconds in order to break down surface dirt and make up. Then you want to use a damp washcloth or wet cotton pads to remove the cleanser thoroughly from the skin. This essential step prevents any residue of the cleanser to be left behind on your skin and clog your pores.


If you are not sure about how to use a washcloth, then watch my easy to follow 2-Steps method on how clean your skin here:



While picking the appropriate cleanser for your skin is very important, it’s how you use your cleanser that often gets overlooked. 

Step 1. CLEANSING - 60 seconds

Work the cleanser into your skin for about 60 seconds; count it out loud just to be sure. The massaging action of the cleanser into the skin stimulates oxygen flow to the tissues and encourages waste products to be flushed through the system.


Follow with a soft washcloth to thoroughly remove the cleanser from the skin; any remaining residue could cause clogging of the pores.


Of course, skin care alone will not do the trick, you also have to nourish your body and your skin from the inside out. Water is an easy way to do just that. If you can start out your day by drinking a glass of room temperature water with a slice of lemon, you have already made progress. It's all in the details! :-).


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