January 02, 2018

Does your kid have problem skin, are you noticing little break-outs around their nasal labial folds? Wondering what to do?  Now that I’m a mother to a teen, I’m learning so much more about their concerns and approach to having a clear complexion.

Unfortunately, as an esthetician, I’m noticing that often times kids start out with no facial routine and instantly progress to a very aggressive and harsh skincare regiment, which can disrupt the natural ph of the skin and cause chronic inflammation and redness of the skin.

When teaching your kid about skincare, it comes down to the basics. First get them into a daily routine of cleaning the face with a light gel or soap cleanser, remove with a wash-cloth and see how it goes. If they have oilier skin or play sports where they might sweat a lot, add a weekly clay mask such as Rhassoul clay to gently purify and cleanse the skin. Having a consistent cleaning routine might be sufficient. If not, you can introduce a weekly exfoliation but I would stir away from chemicals and acids if you can as they can really damage the skin long term. However, if you need to go that route, choose clean products with no carcinogens and minimal ingredients. Less is more!

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