February 12, 2021

If I have learned anything from working with Gunilla it's about how important it is to create a skincare routine that you can stay consistent with. 

So I took that idea and ran with it. I created more of a ritual that by the end of the day I'm CRAVING. 

I set aside at least 5 min (if not more) to myself and begin to set the scene. I start by lowering the lights and lighting a candle, I then start my ~* vibes*~ Spotify playlist (I'll link it down below), that is just a compilation of vibey music that makes me feel sexy and powerful. I then move onto my skincare routine:

1. Cleanse my skin (I've been using Gunilla's facial bar and I LOVE it)

2. Tone my skin (this isn't a necessary step for everyone, but works for me)

3. Apply my oils (I typically flip flop between the "Hydrate" and "Refine")

4. Apply my moisturizer

While I'm cleansing my and massaging the oils into my skin I'm dancing and singing along and really getting into the music. 

At least once, if not twice a week I will do all of this, but add a shower step (don't worry friends, I shower more than that in a week, but I make at least one shower a week extra special), exfoliate my arms and legs and put a face mask on that I rinse in the shower, then move onto my oils/moisturizer. 

It's the perfect 5-10 minutes that is just for myself, no phones, no one needs me, just good vibes.  I tend to notice a significant change in my mood if I don't take that time for me, so I highly encourage everyone to create a skincare ritual that you can fit into your daily life, but also makes you feel sexy and empowered, make it something you know you'll crave. 

I truly believe your skincare routine should be an experience, not just another chore to add to your list. 

So tell me, what are you going to do to create the perfect skincare ritual for you?

Chanda's ~*Vibes*~ Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5Ggl9TZd4p0eu3krAHKpi8?si=4bef8dba6ebd4bae

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