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Article: "4 Weeks to Better Skin" FREE Workshop!

Portrait of Master esthetician and host of Better Skin Workshop. She is leaning up against a white wall looking into the camera. Her skin is clear. Her hair is tied back. She is wearing black framed glasses and a long sleeved white blouse.

"4 Weeks to Better Skin" FREE Workshop!

I'm very excited to share that I'm launching an online skincare course called “4 Weeks to Better Skin?” It's especially geared towards teens and young adults so they can learn how to manage their temperamental skin. The course is also helpful for parents so they can understand how to help their sons and daughters take back control of their skin. And of course; it's useful for anyone who wants to understand and improve their skin but need a little help to stay consistent and motivated. (Don't we all? Wink. Wink.)

In the meantime I'm hosting a Better Skin online workshop, Friday 3/25 at 12:30 pm and it's FREE for you to attend!

In this workshop, you'll learn the key elements to improve your skin now and in the long term with easy steps you can implement at home without breaking the bank. Here's what we'll cover: 

How to get better skin?

How YOU can better skin in 3 easy steps from the comfort of your home.

Become your own skin detective!

Why becoming your own skin detective is essential in identifying why your skin is acting up and breaking out.

Why TikTok is not the answer, and what to do instead?

You'll learn why TikTok and Youtube may not be the best place to get all of your skincare advice and product recommendations!


I will be answering some of the most common questions I get about your skin.

Sounds like something that you're interested in?




I'm so excited that you're ready to take control of your own skin! See you in the workshop!


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