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Gunilla's facial oils are a vital part of my daily beauty routine. I'm very particular about what I put on my skin. After all, skin is the body's biggest organ, and I want to make sure the products I use are pure and chemical-free.

-Lissa Cowan, Montreal, Canada

A lot of people think oils clog the skin but mine has made a 180 since I stopped using creme moisturizers and switched to Gunilla's products. I really noticed a change in the balance of my skin, a lot less redness and a much more even skin tone.

-Ashley G. San Francisco, CA, product developer Sephora


Hi, I’m Gunilla — expert esthetician, founder of ISA ALEX, and mom of two teenagers.

I believe that skincare goes beyond the products you use. Skin reflects your internal wellness, so considering your nutrition and lifestyle is essential to reveal a healthy glow.

Over the past 20 years as an esthetician, I’ve…

  • Gained a cult-like following for my facials considered to be “Better than Botox”

  • Got voted “Number One Facialist in San Francisco” by Allure Magazine

  • Developed  Scandinavian-inspired skincare line ISA ALEX offering pure re-balancing oils for every skin type

All while helping my clients…

  • Clear up their acne without antibiotics or Accutane (and, under 8 months)
  • Reduce severe skin inflammation and finally enjoy comfortable, painless skin
  • Reveal healthy glowing skin 

Over time, my clients expressed a need to help their teens with acne, irritation, redness, and all the things that crush their confidence. As a mom of two teens, I understand how skin can impact self-esteem. 

So, I created Clear Skin Confidence where I pour my 20 years of experience, to help more teens take care of their skin the right way. 

My goal is to empower them with knowledge and understanding to care for their skin as it changes. No more ‘hacks’ or ‘quick fixes,’ we’re aiming for long-term skin confidence!