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Should I use a skin brush to clean my skin? This is a question I get asked a lot in my esthetics practice.


I’m not a fan of the clarisonic brush as I find it much too aggressive on the skin. When I get new clients coming in for a facial, I can 9 times out of 10 tell if they are using the clarisonic brush to clean their face. The skin feels slightly angry, superficially dry and it’s almost impossible to penetrate products into their skin. Using a mechanical brush can also tear the skin tissue and cause pre-mature aging of the skin if you are not careful. If you have, dry, sensitive or acne skin, I would definitely advice against using any kind of skin brush on your skin. 


It’s better to work your cleanser thoroughly into the skin, taking the time to break down surface dirt, oils, make-up and then remove with a clean, damp washcloth. Using a skin brush could actually push the make-up and debris more into the pores. Another reason to avoid a mechanical skin brush is that you don’t realize how much pressure you’re using as your fingers are not directly in contact with your skin. And unless you are diligent about sanitizing your skin brush weekly then bacteria build-up in the brush could spread on the skin causing break-outs and acne; so cleanliness is a cause for concern.


I find that in the US, the belief is that if “a little is good” then “a lot more is better.” This is not the case with skincare. Cleaning your skin is a delicate balance between using the correct cleanser and not over-cleansing the skin and that way stripping the skin of it’s natural oils. I am a total fan of exfoliating the skin regularly; however, over exfoliating the skin is not healthy – it breaks down the natural acid mantle of the skin and disrupts the natural cellular renewal process.


Of the hundreds or even thousands of clients that I have seen over the last 20 years in my esthetics practice none of them use a skin brush. For a great home care routine, I much prefer them doing a proper manual cleansing followed by a gua sha facial massage to revitalize and stimulate the lymphatic drainage of the skin -- not the jade-roller (more on that in another article). With a gua sha tool you have more control over the pressure.



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finn wissenberg
finn wissenberg

April 08, 2020

Thanks for a great tutorial.
It will help me to be nicer with my skin – for sure 😊

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