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Article: Should You Use a Skin Brush to Clean Your Skin?

Reasons why not to use a skin brush to clean your skin.

Should You Use a Skin Brush to Clean Your Skin?

This is a question I get asked frequently in my esthetics practice, and the answer might surprise you.

Why Not to Use a Clarisonic Brush on Your Skin

I'm not a fan of the Clarisonic brush because it's too aggressive for most skin types. When new clients come in for a facial, I can usually tell if they've been using a Clarisonic brush. Their skin often feels irritated, superficially dry, and it becomes almost impossible to effectively penetrate skincare products. The mechanical action of the brush can tear skin tissue and potentially accelerate premature aging. For those with dry, sensitive, or acne-prone skin, I strongly advise against using any kind of skin brush.

Cleansing Your Skin Correctly

Instead of using a skin brush, it's better to work your cleanser thoroughly into the skin. Take your time to break down surface dirt, oils, and makeup, then remove it with a clean, damp washcloth. Using a skin brush might push makeup and debris deeper into your pores. Additionally, with a mechanical brush, you might not realize how much pressure you're applying since your fingers aren’t directly in contact with your skin. If you’re not diligent about sanitizing the brush weekly, bacteria can build up, leading to breakouts and acne.

Is More Better?

In the US, there's a common belief that if "a little is good," then "a lot more is better." This is not true for skincare. Cleaning your skin requires a delicate balance. Over-cleansing can strip the skin of its natural oils. While I am a fan of regular exfoliation, over-exfoliating can harm the skin by breaking down its natural acid mantle and disrupting the cellular renewal process.

Home Care Routine

In my 20 years of esthetics practice, I haven't seen any client who benefits from using a skin brush. For an effective home care routine, I recommend thorough manual cleansing followed by a gua sha facial massage. Gua sha helps revitalize the skin and stimulate lymphatic drainage. Unlike jade rollers, gua sha tools allow you to control the pressure better, enhancing the benefits of your skincare routine.

For more insights on proper skincare routines and tips, stay tuned for my upcoming articles.

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Thanks for a great tutorial.
It will help me to be nicer with my skin – for sure 😊

finn wissenberg

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