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Article: Skin Flooding - What Is It And How Does It Work?

Girl smiling holding up rosewater mist spraying her face.

Skin Flooding - What Is It And How Does It Work?

Do you ever get frustrated feeling you spend a ton of money on skincare products but not sure they are making a difference?

Does it feel like the products are not penetrating the skin or they are not doing enough to keep the skin moisturized and supple?

This is where skin flooding comes in.

Have you heard about skin flooding? Maybe you are already familiar with this latest trend on social media that is all about flooding the skin with moisture.

What Is Skin Flooding?

Although "skin flooding" is about providing more moisture to the skin, it also has to do with understanding the specific order in which you apply your skincare products.

When you layer products on top of each other you are creating a compound effect to treat and moisturize your skin, keeping it replenished and happy. 

The concept of “skin flooding” is nothing new to skincare, it's just a different way of high-lighting the effectiveness of layering your products -- as long as you do it the right way!

When layering products, you still need to keep in mind your skin type and what your specific skin care needs are?

Layering a bunch of products that are not optimal for your skin type or condition can do more harm than good.

How Does It Work?

The effectiveness of your skincare routine comes down to using the appropriate products for your skin type; in addition to applying your products the right way — and in the correct order. 

When the weather is cold and dry as it is during winter time, your skin may feel extra dry, a little sensitive, possibly even red and itchy. This is very normal. The cold temperatures can upset your acid mantle and PH of your skin and make it very dry and uncomfortable. (Your acid mantle is the thin film on top of your skin that acts as a barrier to protect it against bacteria and viruses. It’s made up of sweat and sebum.)

So what can you do to offset this imbalance and excessive dryness of your skin? Start by adding a hydrating mist and a serum or two into your skincare routine to increase the moisturizing factor.

Before you start adding new products, you need to evaluate your current skincare regime to see what you need to add or sub out? Then you can start introducing new products and layer them to flood your skin with moisture.

The key is to protect, restore balance and moisturize with the right products for your skin type and that offset the environmental effects of a cold drier season.

How-to Modify The Steps In Your Skincare Routine?

Take a moment to evaluate each step in your skincare routine to see how you can effectively “flood your skin” by layering your skincare products. Notice if you are missing a step? If not, where can you add? Where can you subtract? What can you replace?

Step 1. Cleanser 

Make sure that your cleanser is gentle and doesn’t strip your skin. If your cleanser is too harsh it could make your skin upset and angry. How does your skin feel after you cleanse? Dry, sensitive, inflamed? If yes, then check your ingredients and switch to a creamy or lotion based cleanser without exfoliating acids. Also sodium laryl sulfate is an ingredient that can be irritating to your skin.

Step 2. Toner/Face Mist

You may want to switch out your toner for a mist that’s less astringent. As an example, even though I love witch hazel for certain skin type conditions, during the cold season it could be too drying for your skin. Look at your ingredients. If you are not already using a mist, try adding a hydrating mist after your cleansing step. Look for hydrating ingredients such as chamomile, rose, lavender, sandalwood. We love our rose or lavender mist to plump up and hydrate the skin. 

Step 3. Face Oil/Serum

If you are not already using a serum for your skin then consider adding a botanical face serum or face oil to help restore moisture and rejuvenate your skin. The molecular structure of essential oils can penetrate the skin at a deeper level and regenerate the skin tissues at a cellular level. This is the step in your skincare routine where you add skin specific actives to treat your skin. For example if your skin issue is dryness, look for ingredients that work on replenishing moisture in the skin. Rosehip seed oil, prickly pear seed oil, lavender, sandalwood, ylang ylang, rose, hyaluronic acids are all ingredients that are beneficial to improve dry skin conditions. 

Step 4. Moisturizer

Is your moisturizer too light? Could you change your moisturizer to a cream or balm that acts as a way to protect and seal your face oil/serum? 

Some of our favorite ISA ALEX skin oils that combat Winter dryness are:

Soothe Face Oil for sensitive skin. 

Hydrate Oil for dehydrated dull skin.

Rejuvenate Face oil for aging dry skin.

Rose Mist for sensitive, dehydrated and dry skin

Lavender Mist for dry skin.

Do you need help to modify your current skincare products and routine? Then schedule a virtual session with Gunilla, our expert Esthetician and founder of ISA ALEX Skincare. Gunilla will go over what you are using at home and advice you on what products you may need to substitute out or incorporate to get the skin results you desire.

Having worked with many skincare lines over her many years she is well versed in helping you pick the right products for your skincare needs.

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