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Article: Should Men Invest in Skincare?

Should Men Invest in Skincare?
Father's Day

Should Men Invest in Skincare?

Father’s Day is coming up so it’s a very appropriate time to contemplate the following questions, are skincare products a good Father’s day gift? Should your man invest in skincare products? For many reasons, I would say YES!


Some men can get away with ignoring their skin but most of the time they need help. Intervention -- skincare S.O.S.! Just like women, men have different types of skin and with that different kind of skin problems that require specific skin solutions.


Working as a facialist over the past 15 years, I cannot tell you how many women confide in me how much they wish their husbands, boyfriends, partners would take better care of their skin. Generally, men who need help with their complexion fall into two categories:

1. Oily, clogged, acneic skin or

2. Dry, parched, sensitive skin.


If the Man in your life tend towards oily skin, then a purifying gel cleanser or bar soap followed by a conditioning toner and light gel moisturizer or serum is appropriate. Look for ingredients that have rosemary, lavender, or lemon in them, as they are naturally anti-bacterial and cleansing. If he has more dry, sensitive skin then a light creamy cleanser followed by a hydrating/calming mist and soothing face oil or moisturizing cream would be the better solution. Ingredients to soothe and hydrate the skin would be rose, sandalwood, chamomile, and lavender. In my experience men really like scent so don’t shy away from adding a little aroma to his skincare regiment. Oh, and the evidence is supported by this article in Men's Journal where they kindly included my Gunilla Skin Alchemy Soothe Face Oil in their piece about men and scent.


To the guys out there, remember that women care about how their significant other takes care of himself. His fitness, what he puts in his body and how he takes care of his skin. If you are unsure of how to get started, go and get a facial and get educated on a simple, effective skincare routine that will keep your skin balanced, calm and healthy looking. It’s an investment but it pays dividends over time. Positively so!


Happy Father’s Day!



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