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Article: Loving-kindness for beautiful skin!

Beauty tips for radiant skin. Practice loving kindness for a radiant compexion.

Loving-kindness for beautiful skin!

What does loving kindness have to do with beautiful skin? A whole lot might I add. The first step in achieving a glowing complexion is to love up yourself AND your skin. If you're struggling with acne, sunspots, irritated and sensitive skin, or just a dull blah complexion it's very tempting to focus in on every imperfection.


This is a mistake because it accentuates what is already there. You can acknowledge it but then be kind to yourself and promise yourself that you will take care of your skin in a loving and gentle way. Your body and your skin, is your friend, not your enemy.


Daily affirmations are helpful too! #IAmBeautifullyRadiant

Or you can ask for it: May I have beautifully radiant skin? Try it and see what the answer might be?

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