September 04, 2018

What is the big rage about face oils? Why are they so good for your skin and what is the purpose of doing a face oil massage? These are questions that I get asked a lot.


If you think about it, using a face oil on your skin is the most pure and simple way of providing moisture for your skin. There are no toxic ingredients, fillers or chemicals that bind together the product, as is the case with most creams and traditional moisturizers. It’s just pure plant oils derived from nature.


Incorporating a facial massage into your daily skincare routine provides an instant dose of radiance for your skin! Besides stimulating lymphatic drainage and detoxifying your skin, your face muscles will be toned, collagen production activated, and your deep wrinkles and fine lines reduced.


You can use any vegetable oil, preferably organic to massage your face, but the reason why I prefer using a proper face oil that has essential oils infused into it, is because the molecular structure of essential oils are so tiny that they can actually penetrate your skin barrier and regenerate your skin tissues from deep in the layers of the skin. Essential oils are also anti-bacterial in nature so they are great for inhaling into your lungs.


These are my top 3 favorite benefits of massaging a face oil into your skin.



Massaging your face increases blood circulation to your face bringing fresh blood, oxygen and nutrients to your skin. The act of massaging your face also activates lymphatic drainage; which removes toxins and clears out any stagnation such as a dull complexion, bags under your eyes and dark circles.



Did you know that there are 43 muscles in your face? Routinely massaging your face and neck strengthens and tones those muscles, which in turn lifts and firms up your skin, all the while diminishing deep lines and wrinkles. It also counter-balances the deep furrows in your for-head or lines on your neck. You are essentially re-programming the holding patterns in your face that causes wrinkles.



Creating a night ritual for your-self is an amazing way to decompress and connect with your-self before going to bed. Taking a couple of deep breaths, inhaling in the beautiful scent of the essential oils will help relax your mind and let go of your day. The facial massage will also help release any tension that you may be holding in your face, particularly the for-head and jaw line. A calm mind and less tension in your face equals better sleep and less wrinkles.


I'd love for you to try incorporating a face massage into your daily skincare routine. I bet you'll notice a difference! And if you do... please let me know how it goes. I love hearing feed-back.

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