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Article: 2022 - The year of beauty!

2022 - The year of beauty!

2022 - The year of beauty!

Who else is ready for a new vibration in 2022?

Did you know that according to numerology, the number 6 represents beauty.
(2+2+0+2 = 6). How amazing and wonderful is that? If you're into picking a theme or word for the new year, then perhaps “beauty” could be yours?
Speaking of beauty, January is the perfect time to commit to a new and improved skincare routine. Your skin may be feeling a little sluggish and blah from the dry winter months or perhaps you're experiencing break-outs and irritation from wearing face masks all the time. 
Whatever skincare concerns you may be having, for starters get consistent. Be sure to do your cleansing and moisturizing every night. Don't skip it! Even if you're tired and ready to jump into bed. Your skin naturally regenerates itself at night time, so take advantage of that and treat it to some love. Next, pick one power product that you’ll incorporate stand-alone or underneath your night cream. My personal fave is my Rejuvenate Face Oil. I love how it makes my skin feel the next day. Pick yours. Lastly, take a moment to breathe and notice how beautiful and special you are.
There you go. Mission accomplished. You've up-leveled your skincare routine and added a dose of beauty into your day. Your skin thanks you!

May you be blessed with all things good in 2022. Thank you for letting me spread a little beauty your way!

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