ISA ALEX Skin Care Ingredients

The ingredients for Isa Alex, Gunilla Eisenberg's hand-crafted products have carefully been selected to meet our standards of sustainable harvesting and pesticide-free growing. We care deeply about where we get our ingredients from and support small farmers around the world. Each of our botanical essences are 100% pure, genuine and of the finest grade possible and 98% of our ingredients are either wild-crafted or organic. No synthetics are used as fillers. Ever.




U sing essential oils and botanical essences on the skin is the most pure way to balance the complexion. Aromatic oils can treat different skin conditions due to their natural antiseptic, regenerative, and anti-inflammatory qualities.

"Like treats like"

Following the holistic principle that “like treats like,” applying oils on the skin will reduce over-production of sebum and rebalance the skin. Besides beautifying and clarifying the complexion, aromatic essences also calm the nervous system and have a balancing effect on hormones and emotions. Any imbalances in these systems can contribute to acne, hyper pigmentation, inflammation, dryness and premature aging of the skin.

“The selection of botanical essences for each blend in the Isa Alex line has carefully been chosen after many years of working with essential oils on my clients during their facial treatments. I have formulated what I believe to be the best combination of oils to suit the specific needs of different skin types.”

Below, you can learn about each of the ingredients used in the products. The therapeutic value of the essential oils is broken down into skin type, aromatherapy benefits and what chakra they correspond best to. Each of our hand-picked essences is harvested using sustainable techniques and are organic and wild-crafted.