ISA ALEX Ingredients



Using essential oils and botanical essences on the skin is the most pure way to balance the complexion. Aromatic oils can treat different skin conditions due to their natural anti-septic, regenerative, and anti-inflammatory qualities. Besides beautifying and clarifying the skin, aromatic essences also calm the nervous system and balance hormones and emotions. Any imbalances in these systems can contribute to acne, irritation, pigmentation, dryness and premature aging of the skin.

The selection of essential oils for each blend in the ISA ALEX line has been chosen after many years of working with essential oils on clients during their facial treatments. Gunilla has formulated what she believes to be the best combination of aromatic oils to suit the specific needs of different skin types.

The base oils into which the essential oils have been infused have also been carefully selected as some oils are more cleansing than others. Gunilla uses different bases to treat different skin types; which is why you will never get that sticky oily feeling on your skin with her facial oils. Each aromatic blend is carefully formulated to leave the skin feeling clean, balanced and rejuvenated.

“Like treats like”

This is why using oils on the skin works. When we strip the skin of its natural oils, it overcompensates by producing more oils to make up for the lack of moisture; leaving the skin more oily, clogged and sometimes irritated. The base oils are also valuable because of their naturally high content of omega 6 and vitamin C & A. They regenerate the skin cells and heal scarring as well as treating fine lines and wrinkles.



ISA ALEX ingredients are sourced from small farmers around the world who follow ethical growing and sustainable harvesting techniques. We believe that plant oils carry a frequency and we want to make sure to pass on the vibrational healing possibilities of each ingredient in our range of products by keeping each ingredient as pure and genuine as possible. 




**Each of our botanical essences are 100% pure, genuine and of the finest grade possible. No synthetics are used as fillers to cut costs or compromise the integrity of our products. Ever.