30 Days to Clear Skin for Life!

In this "30 Days to Clear Skin for Life" online course you'll learn how to create skincare and lifestyle habits to achieve healthy clear skin, and get the support you need to feel confident and happy with your skin again.

The course is made up of 5 modules and 30 lessons to teach how to apply Gunilla's 3 proven steps of the Skin Lab System to get clear skin for life. To support you and keep you accountable during the program, you'll have 4 weekly check-ins with Gunilla and a 45 min on-boarding call to get you set up with a personalized skincare program.

You'll get food and nutritional tips, demo videos on how to care for your skin daily, pre-post workout skincare advice, information on ways to de-stress yourself and your skin. Product recommendations to suit your specific skin care needs.

While primarily geared towards teenagers and young adults to learn how to understand and successfully take care of their skin, the program is useful for anyone who wants to understand and treat hormonal skin.

When you sign up, you immediately get access to Gunilla's wholistic and proven approach to developing your own personalized skincare system that will last you a lifetime. You'll learn how to use your products, what products to use, how to deal with hormonal acne, and how to treat overly dry, sensitive and temperamental skin.

You'll also get a 20 min virtual skin consultation with Gunilla to go over your current skin care needs, evaluate products and set you up for clear healthy skin for life!